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Posted on:14-Jun-2017 16:11:49 | View:1874

Honda Wave 110 + Honda Future 110

Two semi-automatic motorbikes with Vietnamese plates for sale in Phnom Penh - Cambodia.

One for 300 USD, both for 550 USD.

We had a great time with them. They were taking us last 3 months through 3 countries - Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. Now our trip is at the end and we have to say goodbye.
They managed mountains and dirt roads with no problems. Top speed of Wave 110 km/h, Future 90 km/h. Oil change every 300-400 km. They had full service today.

Comes with:
- blue cards
- 2 helmets (one with action camera holder)
- 2 racks for backpacks
- bungees
- locker
- 1,5 l plastic bottle of gasoline
- Vietnamese and Lao sim card (+ Lao internet for 1 week)
- driving lessons and tips for your journey if needed :)

You can contact me at

Price: $550

Name :Fifča
Tel :
Email :
Location :Phnom Penh
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