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Posted on:28-Dec-2016 07:54:34 | View:2997

Honda Win 110cc - Siem Reap

Hi, i was buying this motorbike (incl. bluecard) 3 weeks ago in Hanoi (350 USD) and drove to Siem Reap. i did some upgrades after buying as well: other exhaust, claw for the mobile, usb charging adapter, helmet with visor, 2 bikelocks (one for helmet), bracket for backpack. On the trip i oiled the chain every 200 km and changed the motor-oil every 500 km. i got new lights and fixed the cylinder head gasket. and i washed it once a week! the bike was more expensive than other ones because it has an Detech-Engine. this is a vietnamese quality product and much better than the chinese-imitation-engines (you get these bikes for 200 USD)! if you're interested please write per WhatsApp +4917623581704 or email

VB: 290 USD

Price: $290

Name :didi
Tel :
Email :
Location :Siem Reap
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