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car sell urgent

ឡានបាឡែនលក់ប្រញាប់លុយ ដូរឡាន​លុចស៊ីស ៣៣០។ ឡានល្អ ហើយតម្លៃថោកជាងទីផ្សារ។ ឈ្មេាះខ្ញុំផ្ទាល់។ 2V:66**

* Camry Balen XLE with very nice interior, UV protection and back seat air con
* All legal document, road tax and cheak already paid with my name
* Machine still smooth
* Paint still 97%
* 4 ABS break and Yann Sport
* Drive inside Phnom Penh coz I am office staff

If interested please call 011 311 173 or 086 666 736.

Price: $10500

Name :srunbs
Tel :
Email :
Location :Phnom Penh
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