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Cars Rental Service!

Dear Sir or Madam,
Warmest greeting from Asia Explorer Travel,
Our Service Vehicle Rental and Transport in Cambodia, Service Rental without driver We are Provide Rental Daily, Monthly and Yearly, Cost for Rental and Brand Name of Cars.

Type Style Model Year Monthly Basic
Exclude Driver

1-Toyota Camry (Red) year 1998 = $420 /month
2-Honda CRV (Silver)year 1999 = $420 /month
3-Lexus RX300 (white) year 2001 = $570 /month
4-Lexus RX300 (Black) Year 1999 = $570 /month
5-highlander (Silver) Year 2004 = $700 /month
6-highlander (Black) Year 2001 = $650 /month
7-Lexus LX470 (Black) Year 2000 = $1100 /month
8- Rang Rover (Gray) Year 2006 = $2000 /month
9-Toyota Camry (Gold)year 2002 = $550 /month
10-Toyota Prius (Silver)year2006= $700 /month

All Kind of cars for rent we have cover cars insurance; Can Negotiable on Rental special price for long time to rent from 3month to 5months, 6month to 1year and All Kind of Cars for Rental Excluding Gasoline and Driver Cost.

Please Contact Detail: Mr. Viseth Tel: 023 218 609,092850225, 070705544
Welcome English or Khmer Languages Booking for Rental

Price: $600

Name :asiaexplorertravel
Tel :
Email :
Location :Phnom Penh
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