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Posted on:14-May-2015 11:40:22 | View:2162

Flat for sale urgent

Dear Vlaue customers!
Location: From Hanoi Street 1km
-Flat for sale very urgent at Dey Thmey village Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey Khan Saen Sok E0+E1 and top roof
-Size: 4mx16m, back space 4m, in front space 5m, right size: 2m
-4 bedroom, 4 toilets
The decoration in side the house was modernized from any other flats nearby
-Hard title deed, price will negotiable more than now. The convenience location to live with a family, nearby school, market, hospital, pagoda, concrete road, a lot of people living there.
Tel: 017 90 7373, 070 80 68 58

Price: $100000

Name :Somvisal
Tel :
Email :
Location :Phnom Penh
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